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August 3rd, 2010

Stories of interest for August 2nd

  • 1 Night Of Recovery Sleep May Not Be Sufficient To Recover From The Negative Effects Of Sleep Restriction – A study in the Aug. 1 issue of the journal Sleep suggests that a dose of extra sleep on the weekend may be good medicine for adults who repeatedly stay up too late or wake up too early during the workweek. However, even a night of 10 hours in bed may not be enough to cure the negative effects of chronic sleep restriction.
  • Human Induced Rotation and Reorganization of the Brain of Domestic Dogs – I’m loving this open source journal PlosOne. I found research about how the domestication of dogs (i.e humans breeding them and training them) has led to changes in their brain organization–a ground breaking study because this is the first time any evidence of reorganization of the brain has been studied.
  • Dogs Automatically Imitate People : Discovery News
  • Mental hygiene – Doing a literature review for my dissertation brought me to interesting work of Adolf Meyer who wrote “Outlines of Examinations” in 1918. He was a founding father of the mental status examination and brought the concept of mental hygiene to the stage of psychology.
  • “Securing the record of the subjective complaints and the physical examination of the patient are arts, the systematic method of sorting and classifying the data and the making of a diagnosis from the facts secured is a science, and treatment is a combination of science and art. Errors in judgment,errors in analysis, errors in data, and above all errors in technique are among the reasons or sources of a mistaken diagnosis.”